About me

This poem basically sums up my life. Here it goes:


Hi, I’m Peter. I’m 13 years old.


I live at home with my four brothers,

My dad loves us and so does my mother.

We’re a good family and are happy together,

Through hardship and joy and all kinds of weather.


I’m good at programming and make my own apps,

It’s actually not hard and you can learn it in a snap.

I even won the iCode cup last year,

But this is just a hobby and won’t become a career.


I’m a student at Sacred Heart,

I do my hardest to play my part.

I hope I can be a doctor someday,

And help everyone who comes my way.


I am a good friend and I like to joke,

I like to laugh and go for walks,

I don’t like when feelings get hurt,

And I am not the kind of person who would desert.


My brothers and I love our cottage!

Even if all we get to eat there is porridge.

We also have barbecues and paddle our boats,

And watch the ducklings learn to float.


We sometimes stay there overnight,

But never, ever, ever fight.

We play soccer in the big backyard,

And we are careful not to kick the ball too hard.


In the summer, there’s nothing I like better than ice cream.

It’s best on hot days at the beach when the seagulls scream.

I like to build sand castles and go for a splash,

eat some watermelon, head home in a flash.


Or I’ll eat it in my backyard in the shade.

Then my brothers and I will play a game.

We’ll go to the playground and play Sandman,

And race as fast as we can.


My life is sometimes hard

But through it I find,

The best always unfolds

If you give it a go!